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Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Moving is physically demanding and taxing. It requires energy and proper techniques to move heavy things like furniture, big-screen TVs, electronics and more. Therefore, you must do everything to ensure safety. Try to keep each box under 50 pounds to lower the risk of hurting yourself and make loadi…

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How you can support Australia's frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis

For 24 days in a row, Dr Kamran Ali has gone to work as a general practitioner, trying to keep up with the surge of patients at two Brisbane practices.

Last Monday he saw 50 patients in one day.

Yesterday, he held patient consultations in the car park so others in the waiting room weren’t put …

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Major Australian medical supplier

Exclusive: A major supplier of vital protective equipment to Australia's hospitals including masks and surgical gloves has run out of supplies, as COVID-19 cases climb across the country.
AMA Medical Products has advised all doctors it does not know when stocks can be replenished because of "challe…

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What are the Dos and Dont’s of Job Relocation

Image result for relocate for a job

Many people relocate for jobs to Brisbane and their reasons can range from getting a good salary, moving up in hierarchy, working for a reputed company etc. Whatever the reason, if you are considering relocating for a job, experts say there are some do’s and don’ts to follow shared by hiring exp…

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Historic community landmarks saved from demolition by ordinary Australians

Volunteers across Australia are pushing to preserve historic landmarks in their towns.

Community members in regional and urban areas are fundraising, petitioning and enlisting advocacy groups like the National Trusts of Australia to persuade councils to save historic buildings.

Felicity Wats…

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Best Business Advice From The Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Hi Everyone,

I had been working hard to become an entrepreneur and the last year was spent in arranging the resources and required funding. When I was ready to launch, I felt that I lacked the expert views of a veteran. So I have started the recruitment process, but I was not satisfied by just ha…

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Australians urged to fly home before borders close

Travel advice issued on Tuesday evening by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Australians should return home before the virus caused more borders to close.

Travellers are also being urged to reconsider their need to go overseas.

“If you’re already overseas and wish to return to A…

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Coronavirus airline relief package: What it means for Australia's national carriers

The Federal Government has unveiled a $715 million relief package for airlines who are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy due to plummeting passenger demand and tough travel restrictions.
The package, which focuses on bailing out Qantas, Virgin and regional airlines such as Rex, is largely compris…

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5 Things to Consider When Moving To A Suburb

Image result for Moving To A Suburb

Are you planning to move from city to suburb? Well, you are not the only one. Many prefer to move to Brisbane suburbs because it offers a better lifestyle, green and peaceful surrounding, low crime rates, better education facilities, helpful neighbours and other several essential things. However…

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Australia coronavirus cases appear to be doubling every three days

The official number of coronavirus cases in Australia appears to be almost doubling every three days.

If this apparent rate of infection continues, Australia would have close to 20,000 cases by the start of April, according to statistics provided by state health departments.

That equates to ab…

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Make House Cleaning Fun with These Handy Tips

Keeping every inch of a house clean and germ-free is a time-consuming process. Getting into the boring household chores daily may seem monotonous, but you can make it fun with the handy tips mentioned in the article I am sharing on my page. If you want to transform boring and back-breaking house c…

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Coronavirus: uncertainty over $1bn relief fund for Australian tourism, education and agriculture

Regions and communities that are severely impacted by the coronavirus will be given access to taxpayer support through a new $1bn fund – but it is unclear how the fund will operate, because the practicalities will be worked through with the states.

Scott Morrison unveiled the fund on Thursday a…

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Live coverage of Australia's coronavirus outbreak

As the number of coronavirus cases in Australia nears 200, authorities have announced a range of significant measures to combat the outbreak.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said all non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people should not go ahead from Monday to limit the spread of the coro…

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Garage Project launches Australia platform

Mixed reactions have followed New Zealand brewery Garage Project’s announcement of its own Australian retail website.

Wellington-based Garage Project announced on Sunday that it had launched its e-commerce platform to serve the market across the ditch.

The brewery will offer flat rate shippi…

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What makes Australia’s cryptocurrency exchange scene stand out?

Australia has a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges, which could be a reflection of its crypto-thusiasm.
At a glance, the country with the world's largest number of cryptocurrency exchanges per capita may be Gibraltar, courtesy of its deliberately progressive digital currency regulations.

It's home …

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How to Involve Children in House Cleaning Chores?

Image result for Involve Children in House Cleaning Chores

Involving children with household chores is an ideal way to teach responsibility. Life of parents is extremely challenging, especially if they have to manage their work-life as well. It is hard to find time for thorough cleaning of their house.

Whether you have a spacious house or a studio ap…

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'Unprecedented' globally: more than 20% of Australia's forests burnt in bushfires

More than 20% of Australia’s forests burned during the summer’s bushfire catastrophe, a proportion scientists believe is unprecedented globally, according to new research.

Research published in a special edition of Nature Climate Change focused on the bushfire crisis finds that 21% of the tot…

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How will the coronavirus affect my travel plans? Advice for Australians

If you have a trip planned, or are thinking of planning a holiday, either within Australia or overseas, here’s what you need to know about how to best guard yourself against any issues arising from the spread of Covid-19.

I booked a trip last year, am I still going to be covered for travel insu…

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Ways to Define Market Research Objectives for a Business

Image result for Research for a Business

Market Research is something that can help you define your business goals and reach potential customers. It is one of the complicated processes of identifying the fluctuating demands of customers in a competitive marketplace in Brisbane. That’s why it is imperative to do thorough research before…

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