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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Brisbane Housing Market

No one can deny the fact that COVID-19 pandemic badly affected the Brisbane housing market. There is a decline in Australian house price since the starting of this virus, but still the market is surviving. It is obvious that people are insecure about their jobs, future and other sources of income be…

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What will it take to see wages grow in Australia?

Young Australians have lost a decade of income growth, and as the nation enters a recession that looks perilously similar to a depression, it’s only going to get worse.

A new report by the Productivity Commission revealed that young people’s average incomes declined between 2008 and 2018. In co…

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Australia's Covid-19 border restrictions: where you can travel to and from

After several months of lockdown, Australians everywhere are itching to travel. With international borders closed for the foreseeable future, domestic tourism is becoming an increasingly attractive option. But as Victoria and New South Wales try to contain a second wave of coronavirus cases, differe…

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How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

Cleaning a rental property plays a vital role in getting your bond back. If you are a tenant and want to impress your landlord during the final inspection, deep clean the premises. You can hire the best end of lease cleaning company in Brisbane who can offer you the most reliable solutions at the af…

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'Real risk at the frontline': how Australia's health workers are getting Covid-19

There were 381 active infections in Victorian healthcare workers announced on Sunday – an extra 81 since Friday. And that figure doesn’t include the hundreds of healthcare workers now furloughed while awaiting test results after being in close contact with a known case.

The infections have be…

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Coronavirus Australia: Victoria reports record 532 new cases and six deaths as NSW reports 17 cases

Victoria has recorded the highest number of Covid-19 identified in a 24-hour period in Australia to date with 532 new cases announced by the premier Daniel Andrews on Monday, along with six more deaths of people aged in their 50s to 90s.

“We are seeing too many people for whatever reason attendin…

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7 Dirty Spots You Probably Miss When Cleaning

Maintaining a spick and span condition of a house is not an easy thing. Apart from cleaning visible areas or performing big tasks, there are some most overlooked areas in your house. Make sure you clean them thoroughly on a regular basis and get the most out of germ-free house environment. Today, I …

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Cat mind-altering parasite widespread in Australia: study

A surprising new study suggests two-thirds of Australians have been exposed to a potentially mind-altering cat parasite.

Toxoplasma gondii is famous for manipulating the brains of infected mice so they run towards cats, instead of away from them – raising questions about what it could be doing to…

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Australia to ‘shoot itself in the foot’ by mulling ban on Chinese apps: experts

After the Morrison government is reported to be launching investigations of Chinese flagship platforms TikTok, WeChat and Sina Weibo, following the US that is considering a ban on the short video platform, observers said becoming a US puppet is unwise for Australia and if China-Australia ties sink, …

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How to Pack Sculptures or Statues When Moving?

Hey mates,

Are you looking for the best ways to pack sculptures or statues when moving? Then I can help you! Recently, I read an article on this topic and found it very useful. This post has some valuable information that will help you to pack your delicate statues. After reading it, you will lea…

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Queen's Australia rep was assured of power before '75 crisis

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II’s office assured her representative in Australia he had the power to bring down the Australian government a week before he took the extraordinary move in 1975 and created a political crisis, according to letters released on Tuesday.

The National A…

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Gough Whitlam: Queen not told in advance of Australia PM's sacking, letters show

The Queen was not informed in advance about the 1975 dismissal of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, newly released letters show.

Mr Whitlam's government was removed by The Queen's representative at the time, Governor-General Sir John Kerr, and replaced with an opposition party.

It is co…

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Australia's Victoria state marks week of triple-digit COVID-19 cases

MELBOURNE: Australia's Victoria state reported 273 new cases of the coronavirus and another COVID-19 death on Sunday (Jul 12), marking a week of triple-digit increases in infections, as state authorities battle fresh outbreaks of the pandemic.

The state of New South Wales had nine cases linked to…

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Australian Pub Cluster Used by Freight Drivers Adds to Fears of a Second National Coronavirus Wave

Australia's most populous state reported 14 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, with a growing cluster at a pub used by freight drivers travelling the country adding to fears of a second national wave of the virus.

The new cases in New South Wales come after neighbouring Victoria state last week for…

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What To Store And What To Toss Before You Move?

Hey all,

Declutter is an essential part of the moving process. However, with so many things to analyse, it can be a time consuming and challenging process. However, it can become a lot easier if you get a list of things that you need to store and things that you should toss. I am here to share su…

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Coronavirus: National Cabinet expected to further reduce international arrivals to Australia

The Federal Government has flagged the number of people entering Australia could be further cut to ease the burden on states and territories running hotel quarantine.
The National Cabinet meeting today is expected to discuss slashing the number of people coming into Australia even further after the…

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Covid-19 cases rise in Australia; lockdown in worst-hit Victoria state

Amidst the rising number of coronavirus cases in Australia, authorities in Melbourne and some regional parts of the hardest-hit Victoria state on Thursday entered into its first day of the second lockdown, imposing restrictions for next six weeks.

Victoria recorded another 165 new Covid-19 cases …

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A global report has ranked Australia third among OECD countries for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The global Sustainable Development Report 2020, released this week in New York, ranks Australia third among OECD countries for the effectiveness of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, beaten by only South Korea and Latvia.

Yet Australia trundled in at 37th in the world on its overall progress …

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Easy Homemade Floor Cleaner for Any Type of Hard Floor

Hello friend, I hope you all are in good health! Today, I have an excellent article to share with you! It has the ingredients, recipe, and other information to help you find the best solution for your floors. It is a natural cleaner that is made with non-toxic, clean, and eco-friendly susbtances tha…

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A deeper, more sinister recession, is now on the cards

There’s one key ingredient in economic growth that’s been largely missing since the global financial crisis: confidence.

Both business and consumer confidence.

Right now, of course, both are struggling to return to pre-COVID-19 levels.

And the unfortunate reality of coronavirus is that …

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