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10 Cleaning Tools That’ll Make You Excited to Clean in 2020

Hello friends! A lot of my readers have asked me about cleaning tools that can make sanitising easy and less time consuming. So, today for those who want to know which a cleaning tools to use while sprucing your home, I am sharing this fantastic article. It outlines ten cleaning tools that will make…

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South Australia reinstates border 'buffer' with Victoria

The "buffer" zone between the South Australia-Victorian border will be reinstated, in a string of changes made to the state's coronavirus restrictions.
The changes for South Australians will come into effect on Thursday at midnight.
The limit for home gatherings will also be expanded to 50, previo…

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Future of flying in coronavirus Australia is all domestic, as Qantas, Virgin and Rex look local

This is how bad it has become.

Just days before announcing a $2 billion loss last week, Qantas announced it was selling off one of its most prized assets.

It wasn't one of its planes or its frequent flyer program.

Sets of the famous Qantas business-class pyjamas — the stars of many Instagra…

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How to Clean Your Carpet to keep It Looking Guest-ready

Hey everyone,

I want to clean my carpets properly as I am expecting some guests in the next few days. Thus, I am looking for information that can help me to clean my carpets in the best possible manner. Recently, I read some excellent article on carpet cleaning, but one particular article impress…

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When will Australians be able to fly overseas for holidays again?

Stepping foot off a plane with passport in hand and into an airport overseas feels like a distant memory for most.

While other countries are reopening their borders to international travel, and places like the USA are lifting overseas travel restrictions for residents, Australians remain confined…

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Childcare confusion: jobkeeper loophole may give some educators access

Family daycare educators may continue to be eligible for jobkeeper despite the Australian government’s decision to cut off the childcare sector’s access to the wage subsidy scheme.

The discovery of the loophole for sole traders providing family daycare has sparked calls for the government to …

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Complete Guide to Renting a House or Apartment in Brisbane

I moved to Brisbane 10 years ago and since I have fallen in love with the city. I was very young when my family moved here. Thus I had the privilege of attending one of the best schools in the city, went to an excellent college, and now I rent a 2-bedroom apartment here that I share with my wife. We…

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One Australian dead, embassy 'considerably' damaged in Lebanon blast

Australian security agencies do not believe a massive explosion that rocked the city of Beruit was an attack, with the evidence from Lebanon suggesting it was a tragic accident.

United States President Donald Trump suggested a bomb attack was behind the catastrophic explosion, contradicting expla…

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'I feel I will never get another job': Australian readers on searching for work in the Covid recession

Australia is in the depths of a Covid-19 induced recession and with the situation only worsening in Victoria, there is little reason for optimism among those who are looking for work. Guardian Australia asked readers about their experiences being made unemployed and trying to get back into the workf…

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Do The New Rental Laws in Brisbane Apply To You? Complete Guide

Hello friends! Today, I am sharing an article ‘ DO The New Rental Laws in Brisbane Apply to You? Complete Guide’ to help you survive this difficult phase. If you are living in a rental property in Brisbane and your lease is ending soon, contact your landlord and ask them to extend the period until t…

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Fears of a 'labour crisis' as number of backpackers working in Australia plummets

Australia's tourism and farming sectors will be severely impacted by steep declines in the backpacker workforce caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The number of people on working holidays in Australia has dropped from 135,000 to 80,000 when compared with the same time last year, a Senate commi…

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Coronavirus Australia: 6.5 million Aussies to go hungry

Food relief charities across Australia are being swamped by the rising demand to feed out-of-work Australians during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Feed Appeal, an annual national fundraiser which grants money to local food charities, has reported a 50-78 per cent increase in the need for food rel…

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