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Enjoy Water Sports in Cairns!

Known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns in Queensland is a popular and desirable holiday destination. It is reckoned for water adventure sports and other leisure activities. People visit this destination as it is a hub of water adventure where you can do snorkeling, diving, white wate…

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Easy Ways to Banish Bad Smell From Your House

8 Home Smells That Could Be Signs of Danger | Today's Homeowner

A clean and fresh-smelling home plays a vital role in bringing positivity and happiness while enhancing the overall look and feel of your abode. If you have pet or small kids at home, there is a good chance that your rooms may linger unpleasant smell due to pet urine, food splatters on carpets o…

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India-Australia’s growing partnership built on military ties and concerns about China’s rise

After five decades of testy or distant strategic relations, India and Australia began in the early 2000s to forge an increasingly cooperative defence and security partnership. The primary drivers were similar concerns about China’s rise, behaviour, and assertiveness, as well as converging views abou…

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Australia Begin Disposing Hundreds Of Dead Whales After Rescuing 108

Australian wildlife officials began disposing of hundreds of dead pilot whales on Saturday after concluding there was no longer any hope of rescuing any more.
In Australia's biggest whale beaching, 470 whales were first spotted on a wide sandbank during an aerial reconnaissance of rugged Macquarie …

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Wareham and Molineux help Australia win the series

A combined 0 for 43 for Jess Jonassen and Megan Schutt, while Ellyse Perry continued her rehabilitation at the boundary's edge, merely allowed Australia to showcase their formidable bowling depth as New Zealand were outclassed for the second time in as many days to surrender the T20I series at Allan…

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Home Tiding Tips by Expert Cleaners!

Why you should choose expert cleaners for property cleaning service in  Victoria by Albert Stokes

Keeping the abode clean and sanitary at all time is necessary but most people find it difficult and challenging. It is understandable because most of us lack the time, energy, or motivation to regularly clean our homes. But studies have shown that dirty houses have higher levels of germs, househ…

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Dean Jones, former Australia cricketer, coach and commentator, dies aged 59

The cricket world is mourning the news that Dean Jones, the former Australia batsman, has died in Mumbai aged 59.

Jones had been working on the TV coverage of the Indian Premier League and suffered a cardiac arrest around midday on Thursday at the Trident hotel, where he and his fellow pundits ha…

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Cricket Australia juggles flight and quarantine challenges to get Mitchell Marsh home

Cricket Australia is working with the IPL to organise how they will get injured allrounder Mitchell Marsh back home where he will then have to quarantine for two weeks as he begins his rehabilitation from the ankle problem that curtailed his tournament after just one match.

Under normal circumsta…

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How Do You Clean Walls at The End of Tenancy?

Hello People, 

There are certain household surfaces in the rental property that are thoroughly examined during the final inspection. The walls are one of those surfaces! So, it is essential that you clean the walls as perfectly as possible. However, the question is, how do you clean walls at the…

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Why working from home could be a disaster for Australia's electricity grid this summer

Air conditioners could send Australia's power grid into meltdown this summer, as roughly one third of the workforce do their jobs from home, experts have warned.

Key points:
Air-conditioning drives power demand in peak periods
Higher numbers of people working from home will likely mean more str…

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Coalition tax cuts blasted by former Reserve Bank boss in new ad campaign

A television advertising campaign – endorsed by a former Reserve Bank governor, a former Liberal party leader and a Nobel laureate – opposing another round of tax cuts will be rolled out this week, as preparations are finalised for the looming October budget.

The Morrison government has alrea…

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Things You Must Know Before Hiring Bond Cleaners in Brisbane

Are you planning to move to a new home and are at the end of your tenancy? Then please have a look at this wonderful article by professional cleaners in Brisbane. This article has valuable tips to help you learn things you must know before hiring bond cleaners in Brisbane. The tips include finding c…

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Could the Government make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in Australia?

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Melbourne radio station 3AW a COVID-19 vaccine would be "as mandatory as you can possibly make it" there was an immediate backlash from some groups.

Mr Morrison even went so far as to suggest the grounds by which exemptions should be granted.

"There are …

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The Canberra bubble now envelops South Australia … if you can get there, and if COVID-19 doesn't burst it

Canberra resident Anita Hopf was overjoyed when she learned she could attend a family wedding she thought she would miss.

Most of Ms Hopf's family live in South Australia, including her parents and her brother, who is about to marry.

Unable to travel there because of COVID-19 restrictions, she…

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How to Make Eco-Friendly Sink And Drain Cleaner?

Hello friends, I am Jake and I am a stay-at-home dad. Besides working from home I love managing my home by cleaning it. For me cleaning is a holistic and therapeutic activity which is why I keep searching for new methods and green cleaning products which I make at home. Therefore, I recently came ac…

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NAB launches Australia's first ever interest-free credit card

National Australia Bank is now offering the nation’s first ever no-interest credit card in an attempt to lure customers away from buy-now, pay-later services.

The bank’s StraightUp credit card provides customers up to $3,000 at a zero interest rate, with no annual, late or foreign currency fees…

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Coronavirus Australia: Mistake in COVID modelling that informed lockdown

A major error has been uncovered in the COVID-19 modelling used by the Federal Government to inform Australia’s tough lockdown restrictions.

Modelling released by Melbourne’s Peter Doherty Institute earlier this year showed grim predictions of the impact the coronavirus pandemic would have on A…

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India not on Australia’s initial list of source countries for business and talented migrants

The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce has been set up to trigger job creation by boosting efforts towards attracting the world’s leading talent and high-value businesses into the country under a new initiative to support Australia’s post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

India is curr…

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Citizen scientists called on to fill the gap in Australia's longest daily weather record

Citizen scientists from around the world are being asked to help complete Australia's longest daily weather record.

Key points:
The Zooniverse citizen science portal will host the Adelaide diaries, seeking help to digitise the new information
It will help complete Australia's longest continuous…

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What is the Marie Kondo Method of Cleaning?

When was the last time you cleaned your home to remove any thing unwanted that was taking space which could have been used for another purpose? If you want to know how you can get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose and should be discarded then please have a look at this wonderful article by…

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