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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving To A New House

Hello dear readers! Summer season is upon us and most people plan their move during this time. So, it is understandable if you are moving and need guidance. Please have a look at this wonderful article now. It outlines the do's and don'ts of moving to a new house. These things include don’t be unpre…

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How to eat like a local in Melbourne, the ‘culinary capital’ of Australia

The chefs of Melbourne are a proud bunch — and they create dishes that travelers won’t find anywhere else in the world.

They understand food, make the most of the seasonal produce and like to create an experience as much as fine flavors.

From breakfast through closing time, here are five dishe…

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The doctor's itchy underpants and Australia's consumer protection laws

This is a cautionary tale about a man not washing his undies, his horrible rash and a snail.

While it sounds comical, the irritation in an Adelaide man's pants in 1931 set an important legal precedent in many Commonwealth nations.

The principles established still stand today and may even explain t…

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