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8 Commonly Forgotten Items When Moving

If you are as forgetful as I am and need help remembering all the items you are moving when shifting homes, you will find this article useful. I found it online when I was searching for moving items that I must keep in mind so m moving service has the proper item list. I have a knack for leaving thi…

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'Record' Queensland state budget spend on health really only keeping up with inflation, AMAQ says

The Queensland government has spruiked a record health spend in its state budget, but the response from health advocacy groups has been lukewarm, with the peak doctors lobby group saying the funding was needed "yesterday".
The state budget includes $9.8 billion for expanding capacity in the health …

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AgForce chief Michael Guerin questions climate science, blasts NZ pledge to cut farm emissions

The head of Queensland's peak rural lobby group AgForce says the science is not settled on climate change as he criticises New Zealand's plan to reduce agricultural emissions.
New Zealand farmers have worked with government on a proposed farm-level levy system as an alternative to the industry bein…

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