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How To Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly And Safely

Cleaning ceiling fans can be a quick and safe task with the right technique. Begin by turning off the fan and placing a drop cloth or old sheet below to catch any dust or dirt that falls. Use a sturdy ladder to reach the fan blades safely. One effective method for dusting is to slip an old pillo…

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Getting Fit in Brisbane

As a university student, keeping up with your fitness is an important part of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, boost memory and positively impact your mental health. 

For students living in Brisbane, you are lucky to have year-round great we…

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Grim prediction for Queensland Labor despite Premier Steven Miles’ $11 billion pre-election cash splash to woo voters

Queensland Premier Steven Miles faces a tough task in wooing back voters in October. Picture: Liam Kidston

Grim opinion polling suggests the end of almost a decade of rule for Queensland’s Labor government, despite it splashing billions of dollars on pre-election sweeteners in a bid to hold on to power.

But experts and insiders say it won’t be enough to prevent electoral annihilation at the ball…

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