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An Update On Rental Tenancy Law Changes In Queensland

Hello friends,
Moving to a new home is fun and exciting but for most tenants it is stressful and challenging. Besides facing issues with packing and moving, you have to agree on various terms of the landlord. However, things for tenants are changing thanks to the Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2021 that was passed and amends the residential tenancy act and regulations in Queensland. Its provision for domestic and family violence has been in effect since 2021 and helps renters affected by abuse to leave a rental property within seven days and only pay the rent for those days. Additionally, new reforms to be enforced in October 2022 aim to increase transparency among lessors and lessees. These reforms make fixed term tenancies better for renters and allow them to have pets without disputes and provide more stability during periodic tenancies. 

What’s more the third phase of the Act to be enforced in September 2023 improves the minimum housing standards to prevent lessors from leasing properties with significant issues like mould, leaks, pets etc. Therefore, now is the best time to rent a house/unit in Queensland, as most new reforms help lessees have better tenancies. The updates are also beneficial if you are currently in a lease agreement. So, to understand everything about the change in rental/tenancy laws, here is your complete guide. Have a look to gain valuable insights and ensure you can live comfortably during your tenancy and end it without hassle or dispute as well.

Tenancy Law Changes

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