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The Ultimate Marketing Tips When Buying a Cafe for Sale

People in the capital of Queensland love coffee and enjoying a cuppa by themselves or with friends, family or colleagues. Buying a café for sale in Brisbane is a sure way to become a successful entrepreneur. If you are planning to acquire an established coffee shop, it is best to focus on a suburb. COVID-19 impacted café businesses in CBD the most, but suburban cafes witnessed a 20% boost in business. Therefore, Hamilton is one of Brisbane's elite suburbs with an expansive coffee scene. It has a host of cafes for sale that I found upon my search. 

If you are looking for a well-located and established coffee shop, check out this boutique Café franchise It is in a high-traffic Shopping Centre, and the owner will get 6-week training with ongoing support. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity. However, if you still want to look at other businesses for sale in Hamilton, Brisbane, explore here


Once you have your café, use the following marketing tips to increase footfall and grow your brand.


Create A Business Day

Want to expand your reach? Try reaching out to working professionals near you. Pick a local business with 20-30 employees and offer to provide free coffee to them for a day. You can have a business day monthly or as frequently as you manage. It will help bring more traffic to your café in Hamilton and increase recognition.


Have a Strong Online Presence

Besides real coffee, short videos, photos and posts regarding coffee, cakes, and other café items do extremely well on social media. You must have an Instagram account to capture café art, drinks, edibles etc. When you have a strong online presence, people will flock to your café, even if just to buy coffee and click pictures.


Improve Your Google Listing

Aim to appear in the first 3 listings when people in Hamilton search café near me or café in Hamilton. The easiest way to start is to search your café's name and click the 'own this business link. After your verification, you can start optimising


Get Good Signages

Bring people to your coffee shop by getting signage around your location. This way, you can attract locals and tourists alike to come and visit your café. Keep the banners and hoardings extremely simple. If you are running an offer like 'first coffee on the house or 'special brews' etc., then get them signages. 


Introduce a Happy Hour

Every business has a few hours in the day or night when it becomes a ghost town. For cafes, it is usually in the afternoon, from 2 pm to 3 pm. To boost footfall during this time, make it a happy hour. Introduce a 'buy one get one' or 'bring a friend and get one free coffee' type of offer. 


The Bottom Line

Hamilton is a suburban oasis in Brisbane and an ideal business location. If you buy a café for sale in Hamilton, then use the ultimate marketing tips. They will help get you recognition and business quickly.

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