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How To Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly And Safely

Cleaning ceiling fans can be a quick and safe task with the right technique. Begin by turning off the fan and placing a drop cloth or old sheet below to catch any dust or dirt that falls. Use a sturdy ladder to reach the fan blades safely. One effective method for dusting is to slip an old pillo…

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Getting Fit in Brisbane

As a university student, keeping up with your fitness is an important part of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, boost memory and positively impact your mental health. 

For students living in Brisbane, you are lucky to have year-round great we…

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Grim prediction for Queensland Labor despite Premier Steven Miles’ $11 billion pre-election cash splash to woo voters

Queensland Premier Steven Miles faces a tough task in wooing back voters in October. Picture: Liam Kidston

Grim opinion polling suggests the end of almost a decade of rule for Queensland’s Labor government, despite it splashing billions of dollars on pre-election sweeteners in a bid to hold on to power.

But experts and insiders say it won’t be enough to prevent electoral annihilation at the ball…

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Your Ultimate Moving Out Checklist and To-Do Timeline

Printable moving checklist: A well-explained moving planner - AZ Big Media

Your Ultimate Moving Out Checklist and To-Do Timeline is a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth and organized move. This checklist covers everything from decluttering and packing to notifying utilities and updating your address. The timeline breaks down tasks by weeks and days before the move,…

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Heroic neighbours rush to help man after Queensland house fire

Vision has captured the moment hero neighbours rushed to save the life of a man who fled his burning home south of Brisbane overnight.

Vision has captured the moment hero neighbours rushed to save the life of a man who fled his burning home south of Brisbane overnight.
Emergency services were called to the home in Berrinba about 6.20pm.
Neighbours ran to the house to help.3

Both men were able to get themselves out of the h…

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Gold Coast’s Wil Powell given five-match ban for homophobic slur against Brisbane

Gold Coast defender Wil Powell says he made a “terrible mistake” after being handed a five-match ban for using a homophobic slur towards a Brisbane Lions player during last Sunday’s match at the Gabba.

The AFL Integrity Unit investigated the incident with Powell’s full co-operation and …

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How To Start A Clothing Business In Australia?

How to Start a Clothing Business in Australia (2024)

Starting a clothing business in Australia requires careful planning and execution. Begin by conducting thorough market research to understand your target audience and competitors. Create a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets your brand apart. Register your business and obtain the necessar…

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Two arrested after man critically injured in alleged assault in Mount Mee

A man has allegedly been assaulted on a Mount Mee property.

A man has been critically injured in a serious alleged assault at a home in Brisbane’s north.

The 23-year-old man, from Eagle Farm, was found suffering serious head injuries at the home on Mclean Rd in Mount Mee about 9.39pm on Wednesday.

He was treated by critical care paramedics before…

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Is Pasta Healthy? Everything to Know About This Super Cravable Food


A big dish of pasta can be a salivating sight. For all the lovers of pappardelle, spaghetti, rigatoni and countless other forms of pasta, you may be tempted to eat pasta for every meal. (And trust us, we are too.) But before you swap out your entire pantry supply with boxes of pasta, it's worth …

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

10 Benefits of Hiring Servico Professional Cleaning Services - Blog | The  Servico

Hiring a professional cleaning service offers numerous benefits that go beyond just having a tidy home. Firstly, it saves you valuable time and energy, allowing you to focus on other priorities or simply relax. Professional cleaners bring expertise and specialized equipment, ensuring thorough an…

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Five teenage boys now arrested over fatal stabbing of Queensland grandmother

Vyleen White, 70, was attacked near her car in an underground car park at Town Square Redbank Plains shopping centre in Ipswich, south-west of Brisbane.

Five teenage boys have now been arrested over the death of a Queensland grandmother over the weekend. Vyleen White, 70, was allegedly stabbed to death near her car in an underground car park at Town Square Redbank Plains shopping centre in Ipswich, south-west of Brisbane on Saturday. Her car was…

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Brisbane property makes strong start to 2024

Brisbane property makes strong start to 2024 - latest ...

In the first month of 2024, Brisbane’s residential property prices have reached yet another peak. House and unit values have exhibited price increases throughout the early weeks of the year. Brisbane’s growth rate consistently surpasses the national average on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly ba…

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10 Cheap Ways To Move Across The Country

Embarking on a cross-country move doesn't have to break the bank with these entirely unique and budget-friendly strategies. Utilize free or low-cost packing materials like newspapers, blankets, and clothing to safeguard belongings. Opt for off-peak moving dates to secure lower rates from moving comp…

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Organising Your Move: Essential Tips For Hiring Removalists

Organizing a smooth move hinges on hiring reliable removalists. Start by researching and obtaining quotes from reputable moving companies. Ensure they are licensed and insured for a stress-free process. Request references and read customer reviews to gauge their reliability. Clarify all costs involv…

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How To Manage Your Commercial Property Expenses

Effective management of commercial property expenses is crucial for optimizing your investment's profitability. Begin by creating a comprehensive budget that encompasses all potential costs, including maintenance, property management fees, utilities, and taxes. Regularly review and update this budge…

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Australia beats New Zealand 55-46 in Brisbane to take 2-0 lead in Constellation Cup series

Australia have taken a 2-0 lead in the Constellation Cup with goal shooter Cara Koenen starring in a 55-46 win over New Zealand. 

Koenen's parents made the trip from Magnetic Island in Queensland's far north to attend Sunday's game at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and their daughter turned …

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What Is Driving The Influx Of People Relocating To Brisbane?

Brisbane, Australia's vibrant and rapidly growing city, is experiencing an influx of people relocating for several compelling reasons. Its alluring subtropical climate, with over 280 sunny days per year, is a significant draw for those seeking a more temperate and enjoyable environment. The city's r…

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The Do’s And Don’Ts Of Cleaning Your Electronics

Cleaning electronics is crucial for their performance and longevity, but it must be done with care. Do use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe screens and surfaces gently. Turn off and unplug devices before cleaning. Use alcohol-based cleaning solutions sparingly on screens, applying them to the cloth, …

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How To Clean Your Air Ducts Yourself Easily

Cleaning your air ducts yourself can be a manageable task with our guide on "How to Clean Your Air Ducts Yourself Easily." Start by gathering essential tools: a screwdriver, vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, and a cleaning brush. Cover supply registers with paper towels, then remove and clean vent …

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Kitchen And Bathroom Deep Cleaning: End-Of-Lease Must-Do’s

Deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is paramount when preparing for the end of a lease. These areas receive heavy use and require extra attention to ensure a smooth transition. Start by emptying cabinets and drawers, thoroughly cleaning them inside and out. Scrub appliances, including ovens and r…

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