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Former Queensland Health Metro North boss Malcolm Stamp returns to Australia to face corruption charges in Brisbane

The former boss of Queensland's largest public hospital service has returned to Australia to face corruption charges in relation to an alleged nepotism scandal more than seven years ago.

Malcolm Frederick Stamp, who was the chief executive of Metro North Health and Hospital Service (MNHHS) betwee…

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Expert Ways To Clean Grout Between Floor Tiles

When my cousin started using bleach on her countertops, she found that it was getting dull and discoloured. So, she went online and did some research on why this was happening. She found this article that told her why she should not use bleach on stone countertops and what she could use in place. Sh…

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Mongol Derby horse race entrant Sarah Carroll ready for tough event

Preparing for "pure madness" in the saddle is a dream come true for Queenslander Sarah Carroll, who will take the reins in the world's toughest and longest horse race.  

Ms Carroll is one of only 40 riders selected from across the globe to ride in the Mongol Derby next month.

Riders will fin…

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Archaeologists investigate medical incarceration of Indigenous Australians in leprosariums

Kerry Churnside remembers looking after her Uncle Horace when she was a little girl.

"He was in a wheelchair because of his leprosy; he had weak hands and legs. We would push him out into the sunshine every morning; he loved the sun," she said.

"My mother went to the Health Department in Port …

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8 Commonly Forgotten Items When Moving

If you are as forgetful as I am and need help remembering all the items you are moving when shifting homes, you will find this article useful. I found it online when I was searching for moving items that I must keep in mind so m moving service has the proper item list. I have a knack for leaving thi…

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'Record' Queensland state budget spend on health really only keeping up with inflation, AMAQ says

The Queensland government has spruiked a record health spend in its state budget, but the response from health advocacy groups has been lukewarm, with the peak doctors lobby group saying the funding was needed "yesterday".
The state budget includes $9.8 billion for expanding capacity in the health …

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AgForce chief Michael Guerin questions climate science, blasts NZ pledge to cut farm emissions

The head of Queensland's peak rural lobby group AgForce says the science is not settled on climate change as he criticises New Zealand's plan to reduce agricultural emissions.
New Zealand farmers have worked with government on a proposed farm-level levy system as an alternative to the industry bein…

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Cross River Rail's Merle tunnel welcomes walking tour group before track is laid

More than 100 Queenslanders have left their mark on the Cross River Rail tunnel during a "once-in-a-lifetime tour" before rail tracks for a multi-billion dollar project are laid.
The northern portal entrance, next to the inner city bypass, was open for people to walk through on Sunday.

Members o…

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Queensland's frontline workers begin series of legal challenges to COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The first of several civil cases, brought on by dozens of Queensland frontline workers who are challenging their COVID-19 vaccine mandates, including police officers and paramedics, has begun in Brisbane.
More than 70 Queensland Police Service (QPS) and Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) staff who …

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Where to Find Low-Investment Businesses for Sale in Brisbane?

Hello All!

The hard hit of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely. I lost my job in the corporate sector in 2019. It was a tough time for the entire family. But, my husband managed everything with patience. This made our bond more substantial, and we have decided to do something o…

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Native red triangle slugs pop up in Queensland backyards after rain, delighting researchers

A large, unique native slug spotted on pool decks and trees throughout Brisbane is intriguing home owners with its brightly-coloured shape on its back.
The striking red triangle slugs have emerged due to wetter than normal weather conditions in the south-east corner.

Queensland Museum honorary r…

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Birkdale Community Precinct draft master plan, including proposed Olympics venue, to proceed to Redland City Council

A draft master plan for a major new community precinct in the Redlands, east of Brisbane, will be scrutinised by Redland councillors this morning. 
The proposed Birkdale Community Precinct master plan covers a 62-hectare site on Old Cleveland Road East at Birkdale including the heritage-listed Wil…

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Why Is Cleaning Therapeutic?

Hello friends,
Often when it comes to house cleaning, most of us are guilty of procrastinating and it adversely affects our household hygiene. Thus, family members fall sick repeatedly and your home can smell bad. It is stressful living in a dirty home and you can feel mentally and physically exhau…

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Queensland's COVID-19 vaccination mandate has eased. These are the rules that remain in place

Queensland is now at its most relaxed COVID-19 rules since the pandemic began more than two years ago.

Overnight the vaccine mandate to enter some public venues has been eliminated and with it the need to check in.

So what is changing, and what rules will remain?

Here is where vaccination s…

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Questions raised after Brisbane aged care development approved, despite known flood risk

Some elderly residents evacuated their retirement village, at night after the power was cut, stoically scrambling down blacked-out fire escape stairs with their walking frames.
They were the lucky ones.

Others who waited until the next day had to be lifted into rubber dinghies and floated out th…

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10 Good Reasons To Hire Professional Removalists Brisbane

When it comes to relocation, everyone faces the dilemma of whether to hire professionals or not. Many opt for a DIY move to save money, but they are most likely to experience chaos on the moving day. Hiring professionals is always beneficial because they offer several advantages and you must know th…

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Queensland's electric vehicle subsidy scheme has been announced. Here's what you need to know

Queenslanders are being offered a $3,000 subsidy from the state government to buy an electric car.

With unleaded petrol prices topping $2.20 a litre, it's hoped the cash will motivate some Queenslanders to make the switch in a bid to help the state reach its climate change goals.

However, the …

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'You want to cry, but you don't dare': Reporting on the Queensland and NSW floods disaster

The first thing you want to do is cry. But you can't because they're not crying. Not the old man with one arm or his partner going through chemo; not the family with five kids or the bloke throwing his guitars to the curb.

None of these people who've lost everything in these cruel, relentless tid…

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When Is The Best Time To Plan Your House Move?

Hello friends,
When planning a house move, many of us face the issue of choosing the right time to move. If you are among them, it is essential you take into account various factors such as the weather, school terms if you have small children, job relocation opportunities and much more. Moving when…

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These two Brisbane women want you to think differently about mental illness

Risa Rosello needed a reason to get up in the morning.

Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1999, Ms Rosello can see and hear things that are not real.

She has managed her condition while working as a nurse, studying a degree in early childhood education and travelling.

"But it [schizophrenia] a…

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