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Citizen scientists called on to fill the gap in Australia's longest daily weather record

Citizen scientists from around the world are being asked to help complete Australia's longest daily weather record.

Key points:
The Zooniverse citizen science portal will host the Adelaide diaries, seeking help to digitise the new information
It will help complete Australia's longest continuous weather record, making it a globally significant record
There was an eight-year gap in that record — from 1848 to 1856 — that this project hopes to fill
A 170-year-old diary recently unearthed from the National Archives will fill a key gap in Adelaide's weather history.

The uncovered weather diary was kept by South Australia's third surveyor-general, Edward Charles Frome, and includes 150 handwritten pages of weather observations from April 1, 1843, to December 1, 1856.

This time period is crucial because in June, climate scientist Dr Joelle Gergis and her team from the Australian National University released a paper outlining how they had created the longest daily weather record for Australia, dating back to 1838.

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